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The secret weapon of your internet marketing

Cloud optimization
Information cloud query
SEO Cloud Station
API interface customization

SEO cloud optimization

Professional, fast and stable

Optimize Now

professional team

Hundreds of people optimization team, eight years of SEO experience, real-time lock Baidu algorithm updates, more powerful

Charge by day

Adopt the word-by-day billing model. If you don't meet the standard, you won't be billed. Only the first page will be billed, so that every penny is spent on the blade.

Self-service platform

Scientific SEO management system, users self-service bill of lading, automatic analysis of quotes, automatic settlement, saving time and effort

Transparent management

Ranking daily reports, all indicators at a glance. Optimize progress, update daily rankings, and track transparently throughout

Information cloud query

Fuller, more accurate, faster

Optimize Now

Rich functions

Support ranking query, index query, index query, record query, index query, ranking mining and other functions

Mainstream engine

Compatible with real-time query and management of 8 major domestic search engines, PC, mobile and other information

Stable and reliable

Multiple domestic processing nodes, 10,000-level information response processing per second, and non-storage collection mode to ensure real-time information.

Flexible expansion

Pay on demand, free your hands, quickly connect according to business needs, and build your own business ecosystem

SEO Cloud Station

Elaborate, affordable and safe

Optimize Now

Conducive to optimization

Based on the website SEO concept of SEO, experienced and optimized teachers operate the site, which is more conducive to spider crawling and easier to include

New integrated

Front-end adaptive, fully support computer version, mobile version, improve mobile user experience and facilitate mobile SEO

Standalone deployment

China Unicom, China Telecom, and other groups of backbone lines intelligent dispatch, each site has its own independent IP, ensuring access speed

Value-added optimization

Compatible with SEO cloud optimization, open SEO service on demand, the system automatically evaluates the quote, one-click access

API interface customization

Standard, reliable and fast

Optimize Now

Rich interfaces

All the functions of the Tengteng platform, all support the output of the API interface, to meet various OEM customization needs

Standard API

Standard JSON format, providing interface documents, convenient calling, and quickly building a business system suitable for you

Effective and stable

High concurrency, low latency, support 100 million API accesses, high reliability, zero packet loss, 24-hour information maintenance

Applicable scene

Meets various market needs such as SEO team, network company, corporate network department, flexible expansion and flexible configuration

SEO cooperation process

Provide what needs to be optimized
Keywords and website domain names
Signing a contract for payment
Provide Website FTP
And website management background, content
Optimization begins
Estimated about 2 months
Ranking reaches home
Start deduction

Platform display

Self-service query, deduction by word, clear at a glance

Home Overview

  • You can see it on one homepage
  • Professionalism of an SEO company
  • Market chart, information dashboard
  • Account overview, customer information
  • Help you take control of the big picture
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Keyword task list

  • SEO optimization task details
  • Initial ranking, today's ranking
  • Server daily collection
  • Days of compliance, billing log, etc.
  • Fifteen items of one-click export
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Details of personal funds

  • Personal Daily Spending Details
  • Keyword charge details log
  • Recharge refund record, operation notes
  • Information is always saved and supports export
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Why choose Tengwang? is a professional website SEO optimization platform in China. It is the designated SEO service provider for mainstream brands such as, which has accumulated more than 20,000 websites in the past eight years.
More than 3,000 companies achieve profitable Internet transformation and sign long-term contracts

Keywords smart quote system

Adopt advanced keyword 3D cloud computing system, intelligent keyword quote query, eliminate high and obscure prices

Users submit self-help optimization tasks

Fool-like operation, self-help submission optimization tasks Freely set designated keywords and designated ranking positions to avoid traditional sales inducement

Per-day pay per effect model

Customers are free to set task requirements. Tasks are charged only if they meet the standards. Tasks are not charged and not charged. The money is collected the previous day.

Rank first and charge later

The station Tengwang SEO platform adopts the model of ranking first and deducting fees first. The server automatically collects rankings regularly every day.

Domestic professional SEO service agency

Station Tengwang has eight years of SEO technology precipitation, tens of thousands of practical experience, optimized the team size of 100 people, and created many classic cases

Support one-click refund, convenient and quick

Professional team 7 * 24 hours after-sales service, optimize the contract and sign a refund agreement, promise the effect is not up to standard, and the refund is truly zero risk

SEO optimization case

How to focus on what search engines bring
[Site Ranking] Backlinks Are Favorable
How can I improve the website to increase productivity
[Nanning Baidu seo] External link to the network
About title keywords and descriptions
[Seo training network] how to choose
What to use for web design and manufacturing
[Keyword search] Website content

Station Tengwang's cloud dynamics

Provide you with industry information, event announcements, product releases, and bring together cutting-edge and popular cloud computing technologies

Four major service commitments

Pay per day by effect

Professional keyword ranking collection channel, word-by-day billing system, customer self-inquiry, SEO optimization strength in the industry

Professional customer service

The team of professional optimizers of has a scale of more than 100 people, and there are many technical centers in the country.

One-click refund supports the system's daily deposit prepayment system, supports prepaid deposits, signing optimized contracts, and multiple ways to truly be safe and secure.

Rank first and deduct fees

All of Tengteng's cooperation models are based on the core concept of ranking first and paying afterwards.

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